• Turn Your Rut Stories to River Stories

    Posted on March 17, 2014 by in Psychotherapist Rockville MD

    Do you tell stories that keep you depressed and anxious? Use those “rut stories” to identify areas for your personal growth! Today on my radio talk show, Voices For Healing, on www.voiceamerica.com, my guest, Tonya Parker, shared with us her life long interest in both reading and writing stories. Her interest in stories sparked the development of a 4 part process that anyone can use to turn rut stories into river stories. We all have rut stories–excuses we make, stories about lack, can’ts and should’s that keep us stuck. Different events happen in our lives, but if we look carefully, we may notice we keep telling the same story using different examples and words. We know we are telling a rut story when we become quite passionate and maybe even indignant about what is happening, yet the energy is upset energy rather than inspiring energy. We can tell a similar story with equal passion and know it’s a river story, an in the flow story, because, as Tonya says, “I feel my heart singing.” Others feel uplifted and inspired by our river stories.

    Now rut stories are useful when we use them to recognize stuck patterns, habits and behaviors. As we become aware of the story we tell, we can choose whether it is useful and helpful for ourselves and others, or whether it falls into that category of being obstructive to our growth and vitality. If it’s obstructive, then it’s up to us to decide to widen our perspective and, if we so choose, begin to formulate a different narrative.

    I hope you will listen to the archive version of Turn Rut Stories into River Stories. Simply go to the radio show page of my website, http://cathyroberts.net and find this radio show in the archive. You will hear Tonya’s process for changing your rut stories into river stories and be on your way to more health and vitality.

    Until next week, transform loss, embrace vitality.


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