• The Power of Dreams

    Posted on March 3, 2014 by in Psychotherapist Rockville MD

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    Today on Voices For Healing Talk Radio,  http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2304/voices-for-healing , guest Steven G. Fox, PhD and I discussed his book, Dreams: Guide to the Soul. Steve and I share an interest in the healing power of dreams and dream interpretation. We discussed the dream incubation exercise which we both use with clients as well as in our personal lives. We talked about how dreams support us in moving through loss, making life choices, and knowing ourselves better. Do you wonder what fire, water, or snakes mean in your dreams? Have you had dreams that predicted a future event? We talk about symbols and levels of dreams.

    Through client stories, vignettes, and his personal experience, Steve informs and entertains listeners as we move into a deeper understanding of what our dreams mean. We can look at every element and character that appears in our dreams as some part of ourselves and ask, how am I a train, ocean, etc? Dreams about other people may be information about the other; more than likely though, that person showing up in our dream is inviting us to look at some aspect of self. Practical dreams give us information that we might not yet be aware of. Years ago after having my wisdom teeth removed, I dreamed that something was amiss in the upper right section of my gums. Turned out I had an infection at the site of the surgery. I learned to trust my dreams early on!

    I hope you will listen in to this informative show and be inspired to pay attention to your own dreams. Here is a link if you want to buy Steve’s book. It’s an excellent resource for therapists and anyone interested in their dreams.

    In health and healing,


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