• The Hidden Power of Emotions

    Posted on March 24, 2014 by in Psychotherapist Rockville MD

    Hello Everyone,

    Do you notice the contractions that happen as you think depressed thoughts or feel the sensations of grief and fear? Contraction is often our immediate response to threat, but it’s not a state we must remain in or even avoid. We can use the sensation to practice the healing techniques of emotional connection. Today(3/24/2014) on Voices For Healing Talk Radio, my guest was Raphael Cushnir. Raphael is the author of several books including The One Thing Holding You Back. During a time of great loss and grief in his own life, a wise mentor told Raphael that the best thing he could do to help himself live with his loss was to do nothing. To simply allow himself to be present to all of the emotion and all of the experience that was arising as a result of life events.

    How often to we hear this advice: “Do nothing.” Sit with what is. And yet the experience of sitting with whatever arises is profoundly healing as we connect with our present moment experience and allow it to move through us and release. Just as the clouds in the sky are ever changing and moving, our inner landscape of emotion and sensation is ever changing. And by turning our attention towards our inner experience rather than distracting, dissociating, or denying it, we open ourselves to a different experience.

    In this hour long radio program, we discuss learn that when we feel the contraction of a fearful emotion, we can connect with the bodily sensation of the emotion and stay with the sensations until they dissipate. We can imagine what we think will happen and feel what that will be like. As we feel into all possibilities rather than push them away, we clear ourselves of the negative and fearful thinking that contributes to decisions made in a contracted state. As we release and move into an expanded state, our creativity and flow increase. This is an ongoing dance that we do with ourselves as inner and outer events contribute to contraction and we meet our contraction with awareness that supports expansion. Listen to this terrific who with Raphael Cushnir!


    And check out Raphael’s book on Amazon:

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