• Surviving Change You Didn’t Ask For

    Posted on June 2, 2014 by in Anxiety, Depression, Psychotherapist Rockville MD

    We are living in times of great change. Personal, political, emotional, physical, and spiritual changes are coming at us at a rapid pace. Some of these changes we thrill to and ride along with with joy and happiness. Some of the changes we resist and feel dragged into kicking and screaming. While looking through the Omega Institute catalog, I ran across a workshop call “Surviving Change You Didn’t Ask For” by author MJ Ryan. I knew at that moment, I wanted MJ to be a guest on Voices For Healing Talk Radio.

    One of the most common issues I see in the people who come to my office is the challenge of adapting to things that didn’t go the way they thought things would. I’ve had many such experiences in my own life and sometimes I still resist. Even so, I know that change helps me stretch and grow in ways I never thought possible and I’m now old enough to look back and see events that I thought were horrible, and were, also turned out to be periods of growth and grace that helped me to become who I am today.  I can look back in gratitude. This helps me when some new challenge arises. Rather than immediately judge the occurrence as good or bad, I seek to be open to what it will hold for me.

    This morning, June 2, 2014, MJ joined me to talk about her book, “How To Survive Change You Didn’t Ask For”.  As we learn to accept change, open up options for coping with the change, and taking concrete action steps, we can get out of blame, complaining, and feeling stuck and begin to make change work for us. This book is chock full of information, tips, stories, and ideas that will motivate you and inspire you. You may not thrill to change, but you will develop a skill set that will help you develop confidence and agency to live through the changes in your life.

    Here’s a link to the radio show and below it a link to MJ’s book:



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