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    Posted on February 4, 2015 by in grief and loss, Psychotherapist Rockville MD

    I love stories about people who adapt to whatever life tosses their way with originality and creativity. These folks follow their hearts rather than accepting outside limits or structures. And there is always a significant relationship present to support the journey. Today’s story comes from the Metro section of the Washington Post, January 31, 2015. A young man, deaf since early childhood, always knew he wanted to make music.

    By placing his teeth on his instrument, the banjo, he can feel the vibrations and hear the music. He now plays and teaches. Here’s his website where you can read his story and hear his music:


    What is most poignant about his story is that as he was going deaf, music became a way for him to connect with his father. Music was a shared experience for them. If you read last week’s post about Jean-Dominique Bauby, you will recall that he wrote his memoir, The Diving Bell and The Butterfly with the love and encouragement of family and healthcare providers.

    Sometimes when going through challenges we isolate and feel alone in our pain. So much healing and support comes from sharing with others. There are many morals to these stories, testaments to human strength, courage, perseverance, and more. Today, I highlight the power of connection and the significance of relationship in meeting challenges, adapting to change and apparent adversity, and living our fullest lives.

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