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    Posted on December 19, 2015 by in Psychotherapist Rockville MD

    Simple Gifts

     The sun is about to set, the sky is overcast, and yet the brick building out the window in front of me is glowing a brilliant shade of yellow-orange like embers in a fire at night. I jump up from the computer and head to the western windows to see what kind of glorious sunset we have, and I am surprised to see a cloudy lavender and blue sky with no hint of the brilliance reflected on the brick wall!

    I am grateful to witness the unexpected beauty of light on brick as I sit puzzled by the extraordinary brilliance from one perspective and utter ordinariness from another. Is there always some brilliance even in the most ordinary if we happen to be sitting at the right angle to see it?

    I mentioned what I saw to a friend who witnessed a similar sight on the same day at the same time. She saw amazingly vibrant pink trees lit by the same cloudy sunset. The beauty was so striking she filmed it on her phone!

    May you, too, be gifted with scenes of brilliant beauty as we transition from autumn to winter.

    Wishing you warmth and wonder,


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