• Set For Life, Create Support

    Posted on January 16, 2016 by in Psychotherapist Rockville MD

    Set For Life, Create Support


    Last week I wrote about the concept I learned in a yoga class that if you can relax in any position, you will be set for life. If you missed that issue of Vitality Weekly, you can read it here:   http://cathyroberts.net/set-for-life.html

    This week, I will stick with this same theme and begin to outline the process that we used in yoga to help us relax.

    After the first day of retreat I looked at the space around my yoga mat: 1 bolster, 2 cushions, 3 rugs, 1 yoga strap, 2 towels, one washcloth. What on earth was I doing with all these objects? Using them for support so that I could physically relax! A bolster under the knees here, a cushion under the tush there,a towel wedged between my hip and the bolster, etc. It took some time and effort to arrange these items to get just the right comfort and support. Once everything was arranged, my muscles and bones were supported and I could relax.

    As we expand the concept from the physical yoga poses to your own emotional, social and spiritual states, what supports are already in place to help you relax? What supports might you need to gather round you to relax even more? Are there people, foods, spiritual practices, books, religious organizations to look to for support? Are there support groups, family members, exercise, walks in nature, or pets that bring you comfort and relaxation? What attitudinal adjustments might you tweak to let yourself have more support, that is, do you believe it is okay to relax? Ask for help? Rely on others at times?

    As I noted last week, I can find deep relaxation challenging even when there is nothing else going on. In the midst of change and chaos, relaxation is even more of a challenge. Take a few moments to analyze your support system and see if anything bubbles up in your mind that will support you even more.

    By the end of the yoga retreat, I had 4 rugs rather than the three I started with. I don’t remember acquiring that fourth rug, but it must have provided some sort of support I didn’t even know I needed!

    Best wishes to you in acquiring all the support YOU need! If you can relax in any position, you will be set for life!


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