• Prostate Cancer and Sexuality

    Posted on March 31, 2014 by in Depression, Psychotherapist Rockville MD

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    Today on my radio show, Voices For Healing


    I interview Hani Miletski, PhD on the topic of Prostate Cancer(PC) and Sexuality. If you are age 40 or over, you will want to hear this show! Hani, a sex therapist and educator informs our listeners about the basics of the workings of the prostate gland and the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. We discuss the physical and psychological effects of PC on both the man and his partner. Hani notes that men have three choices when PC impacts their lives: they can end their sex life, use medications and aids to assist their sex life, or they can change the ways they make love and interact with their partner.

    Since Hani and I both are in the business of personal transformation and change, we value and hope to educate men with PC about the possibilities inherent in this challenging diagnosis, treatment, and the side effects, including erectile dysfunction (ED).

    As a partner of a man with PC or ED, you can learn to support and accept the changes to your sex life by being patient and understanding with your partner. Be open to new possibilities. Like anything else that you value, learning new skills takes effort. You may need to increase your communication skill sand increase the repertoire of your techniques and positions in the bedroom. By making a new exploration of your sexuality fun, pleasure focused, and experimental(let’s see how this goes), you may find that your sexual and emotional connection with your partner improves!

    The information is this radio show, while geared towards men with prostate cancer, is applicable to any man for whom ED is a factor. Tips about diet, exercise, medications and other treatments are all here. Here are some websites for further exploration of this topic:

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    Cathy Roberts

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