Vitality Weekly: Wait and See
November 2, 2020

Posted on March 26, 2016 by Cathy Roberts in Depression

Chase away any leftover winter depression and anxiety with spring exercises for fun and insight!

Eggs, bunnies, butterflies. What do these items have in common? That’s right, they all symbols of Easter. Birth, fertility, and transformation.  Let’s use the symbols of Easter for self-reflection! Over the course of the next week, play with one of these exercises:

As we consider Easter, eggs, and birth, we ask ourselves, what within us wants to give birth? What creativity is just waiting for our shell to crack so that it can see new light? We are not static people. Change swirls around us and within us every second. What do we want to birth as spring comes fully upon us? Use art or ritual to help you answer these questions. Play your favorite music, ask yourself what within you is ready to be birthed, and dance your way to your answer.

Rabbits, known for their fecundity, are a natural symbol of spring. With our food farms and industrial food complexes, we forget how our ancestors prayed for fertility of the land and trusted that they would be provided for. Where is your fertility? What within you is multiplying and expanding? There is no need to create or make this up—we are in constant states of creativity and change. There is nothing to make happen. What you can do is tune in to what is already happening. Where is your natural fertility and richness taking you? Tune in and flow with it. For this exercise, grab paint, markers. pastels, or your favorite art materials and ask yourself what is becoming fertile within you? Create a piece of abstract art symbolizing your fertility.

The transformation of caterpillar to butterfly is a favorite symbol. The idea that the humble caterpillar can spin a chrysalis around itself and restructure organs and body to emerge a beautiful light creature ready to take flight inspires all of us. How are you transforming? What within you is reorganizing so that you can take flight? If you have Tarot deck, angel cards, or animal cards, ask yourself one of the questions in these paragraphs and pull a card to gain insight into your transformation.

Arts and symbols work below our level of conscious awareness and our use of these tools brings an element of play to our journey into insight.



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