• On Loss and Living Onward

    Posted on July 28, 2014 by in grief and loss, Psychotherapist Rockville MD

    Today on Voices For Healing Talk Radio I spoke with Melissa Dalton-Bradford. Melissa’s son died in a tragic swimming accident 7 years ago and Melissa dove into her grief, studied how others dealt with heart-rending loss, and now has a vibrant continuing connection with her son. She and I share the belief that profound loss can lead to equally profound transformation when we stay with ourselves and use all experiences to transform and heal.

    The show got of to a shaky start as Melissa had some trouble connecting with the station engineer and I put on my improv hat and talked about one of my favorite topics, Vitality. Once we had Melissa on the line, we were honored to hear her journey from her year of Avelut, a Hebrew term for turning inward in the year following a death, to the hike she and 64 others took last week in honor of Parker. She offered a meaningful tip for creating ritual to honor deceased loved ones: gather people together to participate in something containing the spirit of the deceased. Parker was an athlete, so the group chose a very strenuous hike.

    We also talked about the ways we grieve being as individual as we are. Melissa, an educator and scholar, studied what others wrote about their deepest loss. Another might grieve through art, or music. An extravert might welcome a support group. An athlete might grieve in some physical way.

    Towards the end of the program we discussed the ways that we continue to have a connection with those we have lost in the years following their death. Through dreams, conversations, rituals, we continue to connect and know the presence of the one we love is still with us.

    Melissa’s book is one of the most touching and moving books I have read on the subject. Here is a link to both the radio show and to Amazon, where you can purchase her book:

    Voices for Healing Talk Radio:






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