• Nourish Your Soul Through Prayer

    Posted on April 7, 2014 by in Psychotherapist Rockville MD

    Dear Readers,
    Today on Voices For Healing Talk Radio, Andrew Harvey, an author, mystic, and spiritual teacher joined me to talk about prayer. Andrew is passionate about the dangers to the environment and to all life on the planet. He knows that the spiritual life is one of traveling to the depths of sorrow as well as navigating the heights of joy and he inspires us to live with authenticity. Andrew challenges us to see loss as a vehicle for our own inner transformation so that we may be conscious, loving people in a world gone mad. He speaks to the marriage of passion for the Holy and concern for social justice in order to live deeply and be alive in these times of change, challenge and transformation.

    Andrew’s latest book is “Light The Flame, 365 Days of Prayer” and you can purchase it here:

    Several years ago Andrew offered a three part action plan to achieve personal integration and individuation. That plan has now grown to five parts. This integral program exercises mind, heart, and body so that we may do our inner work and be best prepared to go out into the world in love.

    Listen to the show to hear the following in Andrew’s words. In brief, here is what you can do to heal yourself and the world:
    1) Calming practices: meditation, breathwork and practices that bring peace into your life.
    2) Warming practices that energize the heart and keep you in touch with compassion for the Holy, your own heart, and all other beings. He suggests the Buddhist practice of Tonglen to energize the heart.
    3) Prayer. Allow your heart to break and shatter that you open yourself and surrender to the Holy.
    4) Body Practices that work with the body energies, such as Yoga, QiGong, Dance, Reiki, etc.
    5) Shadow work. This is about learning the things you don’t already know about yourself that get in the way of you being fully present to self and others. You can do this work with a therapist or group of people who gather with kindness and with humor to teach and learn about themselves and others with the ultimate purpose of being more love in the world.

    I hope you enjoy this show.




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