• Nature’s Powerful Ability To Heal

    Posted on April 21, 2014 by in Psychotherapist Rockville MD

    Why do we feel so good walking on the beach, viewing a sunset, or petting our cat or dog? Nature offers unlimited healing potential because we are a part of it all!  Today on Voices For Healing Talk Radio, Dr. Eva Selhub talks with me about the healing power of nature. Co-author with Alan Logan of “Your Brain on Nature”, Eva discusses the connection we humans have with the natural world and the real problems that result when we spend more time indoors connected to screens and less time outdoors feeling the wind and sun caress our skin.

    Physiologically, being in nature stimulates the reward centers in our brain much like the effects of soothing narcotic drugs. Blood pressure lowers, cortisol levels drop, and our immune systems get a powerful boost. How does all this happen? Dr. Eva shares with us that love is at the core of all nature. And, love is our core, as well. Being in the natural environment, breathing, walking in the forest, gardening, all connect us immediately and intimately with all that we really are.

    Dr. Eva continues by sharing ways that we can simply and easily connect more with nature, even when we are indoors. She suggests growing houseplants in rooms you spend much time in. She is a big proponent of using guided imagery, particularly imagery that from nature, into daily practices. Just imagining water, trees, and mountains reduces stress and improves health. Another way of honoring nature is eating close to the earth: organic, local, unprocessed foods are beneficial to our bodies and the greater environment.

    Healing loss takes time and energy. Time spent outdoors, honoring and loving yourself and the earth is a beautiful healing option. If you are interested in more, be sure to listen on Voices For Healing Talk Radio: http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/77174/natures-powerful-ability-to-heal

    And check out Eva’s book on Amazon:


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