• Living Aggressively Through Cancer

    Posted on May 12, 2014 by in Psychotherapist Rockville MD

    Dear Readers,
    Today on the Voices for Healing Talk Radio Program, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Jude Gladstone Cade, a woman with an inspiring story about how her life journeyed from thoughts of suicide when things got too bad, to embracing life, even when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2012. Jude lived a relatively healthy lifestyle and at the same time she now notes that the stresses of early loss (her father died when she was 18 months) and her propensity to stay busy and perform, created stresses in her life that challenged her ability to know joy. Over the course of her treatment for cancer in her adopted country of Costa Rica, she began to notice that she was taking all kinds of actions to stay alive and live for 10-20 more years that her doctors suggested were possible with the treatment she chose.

    In addition to her life story and journey through cancer, Jude’s book is a resource for those who want to combine traditional medical treatment and alternative therapies. She shares her methods for supplementing the chemotherapy with a medically approved cocktail of dietary supplements and other therapies. These adjunct techniques kept her from getting infections and illnesses even though she lost 50 pounds and had months of chemo and radiation.

    Above all else, Jude’s story is for everyone. She speaks to feeling all there is to feel when crises and challenges enter your life. She speaks to the need to not try to go it alone when you are going through major life shifts. She shares how her connection with community and the love of her life, Theo, brought her to a new understanding of the giving and receiving cycle that is love. I hope you will listen to this interview and read Jude’s journal, Living Aggresively Through Cancer, which is available for just $2.99 US on Amazon.com. No reader needed-you can read it in the cloud on your computer or mobile device. Below are links to the show and her book. Wishing you courage as you transform loss and embrace vitality.
    Voices For Healing Talk Radio http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/77652/living-aggressively-through-cancer
    Jude’s book Living Aggressively Through Cancer:

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