• Healing Duo: Musical Harp and Essential Oils

    Posted on April 14, 2014 by in Psychotherapist Rockville MD

    Dear Readers,

    If you haven’t listened to this morning’s Voices For Healing live radio talk show, you are missing a real treat! I hope you will listen soon! Edie Elkan, who has taught over 700 students to play the harp for health and healing, discusses her work in hospitals and healthcare settings in PA and NJ. She shares how patients who  hear live harp music immediately become calm and even those patients in unconscious states seem to respond through relaxed brows and softened features. Edie shares stories of how, by doing her own inner work, she and her students become channels for healing, often choosing just the right music to create a smile or special shared experience with patients. Edie shares the importance of choosing a finely crafted instrument and gives some tips on who to buy from. Plus you can hear about her upcoming classes and events.

    Following Edie, Olivia McNish MacMillan discusses her wealth of experience and information in the field of essential oils, sometimes called aromatherapy. Olivia tells how the oils are crafted, how they work and which oils to use when healing grief and depression. She provides solid information about inhalation and topical application methods.  Essential oils have been healing agents for centuries. Learn how you can use them to support your healing now. Olivia teaches classes in the Washington, DC area.

    This program is inspiring and educational. Here is the link:





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