• Follow Your Singing Heart

    Posted on November 21, 2014 by in Psychotherapist Rockville MD

    Recently a friend shared her experience of moving into the wrong house. She and hubby created a list of what they wanted in a new home, found a home that matched the list perfectly and moved. Unfortunately, they became desperately unhappy. Why? While the house seemed good on paper, it failed to make her heart sing.

    As we approach the holidays, we make lists of all that we must do. Expectations of self and others take on huge proportions. Busyness propels us forward into more busyness. Lists and urges to accomplish endless tasks run counter to the energy of the winter times. While we are unlikely to join the bears and snakes in hibernation, we can turn inward and ask important questions: Who am I, really? What is important to me now? What do I really want this holiday season?

    Answers to these inquiries won’t be found through mental searching or busyness. Answers are found in the heart. Make time to listen. Notice what makes your heart sing. Follow your singing heart.

    With Warm Winter Blessings,


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