• Embrace The Shift

    Posted on June 27, 2015 by in Anxiety, Psychotherapist Rockville MD

    Embrace The Shift

    What do earthquakes in Alaska, the removal of Confederate flags from the shelves of Walmart, and the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage have in common? In a word, SHIFT. The geographic, social, and political structures that we think of as being so stable and certain are anything but.

    The energies involved in moving our country towards more freedom, liberty, and choice for people of all races and gender/sexual identities are powerful and impact every one of us. The aftermath of the Charleston massacre and Supreme Court decision on gay marriage are leading to important conversations as the shift, so uncomfortable for some, becomes integrally woven into the fabric of our lives.

    When changes like these happen around us, we too must change. If we move from the macro level of national conversations to the micro level of our personal lives, it becomes clear that if we try to keep living the way we always have, we are sure to get caught up in resistance. Our physical, emotional, and spiritual health will suffer. If instead we begin to loosen our grip on the ways we have always lived, and let go of our attachment to how we think things should be, we will be better equipped to adapt to the changes in our global society and in our daily lives.

    We can initiate our own personal shift by trying something new. Start a conversation with the person ahead of you in the checkout line. Kindly confront someone who bosses you around. Start with 5 minutes of meditation and work your way up to 15. Start saving your pocket change. Turn off the TV one night a week. Feel gratitude for a roof over your head. Look at a leaf or cloud and really see it. Feel your feet on the floor and your bottom on your chair. Feel your heartbeat. Live in your body. Know you are spirit. Love yourself. Embrace the shift.

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