• Depression: A Hurt In Your Soul And How To Heal It

    Posted on April 28, 2014 by in Depression, Psychotherapist Rockville MD

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    Most people experience some level of depression at some time in their lives. Today (April 28, 2014) my guest on Voices For Healing Radio Show discusses her 25 year long experience with depression and the ways she learned to live a rich and full life while living with this condition. I think many of you will relate to her story. A basically optimistic and highly functional person, Kathleen Pasley, a Washington, DC based fund-raiser, lives with periodic depression that can be debilitating. She wrote the book, The 10 Mind Traps of Depression: A Hurt In Your Soul and How to Heal It in order to tell her story and help other people who live with periodic or chronic depression.

    Listening to Kathleen is like being with a wise friend who has lived through big challenges and continues to love and heal. In her book, she shares 10 powerful ways that depression can take over thinking processes. These mind traps include “The real reason I am depressed is my circumstances. When I get my act together and once these problems are behind me, I will feel better” and “I refuse to be depressed. I am a strong person and will be able to overcome this myself.”

    From this start, Kathleen goes on to share with listeners how these thoughts keep people feeling low and how through taking action, even when you don’t want to or don’t feel like you can, you begin to get out of the depression. She shares how she resisted medication, but how important medication is in her healing toolkit. In addition she developed a strong spiritual life that includes a number of practices that support emotional and physical health every day of every year, whether depression is shouting or sleeping. She shares with us how affirmations, prayer, gratitude, forgiveness, and meditation support her wholeness and health. I hope you will listen to this discussion of depression. Here is the link:
    Transform loss, embrace vitality.
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