• Manage Your Depression Through Exercise

    Posted on February 26, 2014 by in Psychotherapist Rockville MD

    Did you know exercise can help you to reduce or even heal your depression? Last Monday on my talk radio show,  guest Jane Baxter, PhD, author of the book Manage Your Depression Through Exercise and I discussed how exercise can reduce and sometimes eliminate depression. Jane offers motivation, accountability, and tips on nutrition so you can begin and successfully maintain a personal exercise program. In her Psychfit program, which combines talk therapy and exercise, people get in touch with and release emotions through the integration of body/mind work. We discussed how exercise can create a positively reinforcing cycle. As you exercise you feel more confident and feel better about yourself which helps you to maintain your exercise goals. Hear our conversation and learn more at http://cathyroberts.net/radio-show.html

    Jane’s book is useful not just for those who are depressed, but for anyone who wants to start or follow through on an exercise program. Buy her book her book here.

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