• A New Year, A New Story

    Posted on December 31, 2013 by in Depression, Psychotherapist Rockville MD

    The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.    Marcel Proust

    What stories are you telling yourself as 2013 comes to a close? How do you spin your stories? The stories we tell and how we tell them can depress us or empower us. Often we get caught up in telling and retelling stories that keep us stuck in misery and suffering. Take a look at the stories below, same event, two ways of telling about it and see if you can feel the difference in the two tales and the impact they have on your body and energy system.

    Two years ago I badly sprained my ankle in a fall in my home. I can tell the story of my fall through the eyes of a victim or the eyes of a healer.

    Story 1: I fell on the stairs in my hallway and landed hard on the floor, my left ankle buckled and I heard a snap. Certain that I broke my ankle, I forced myself upstairs to my phone to call a neighbor. I thought I would die from pain. The neighbor’s key didn’t work and it took forever for him to get into the house. Meanwhile I was shaking and nauseated and in shock. It was awful. I called the doctor who was unable to see me for 4 hours. Can you believe that? Four hours! Finally x-rays showed I had a bad sprain but no break. I was holed up in my house for an entire week. All I could do was sit with ice on my ankle. I couldn’t even drive my own car! Sometimes my ankle still hurts first thing in the morning. I’m so mad at myself for falling!

    Story 2: I fell on the stairs in my hallway and landed hard on the floor, my left ankle buckled and I heard a snap. Certain that I broke my ankle, I made my way up a flight of stairs to call a neighbor. Luckily the neighbor had a key and was able to get into my house as the pain and shock from the fall would have been hard to be alone with. Since the doctor was unable to fit me in for 4 hours, I began visualizing my ankle healing. I imagined white light energy moving through the painful area. An x-ray indicated there was no break. The sprain kept me housebound for a week. I took this as a message that I needed to slow down and have some quiet time for myself, allowing my ankle to heal. Sometimes my ankle still hurts in the morning, reminding me to slow down and be mindful of my movements.

    Both stories are true! The energy of the first story leaves me feeling victimized, while the energy in second story lifts me up and reminds me life throws me all sorts of twists and turns and I can either fight what happens or flow with it. Do you have a story that keeps you feeling depressed, victimized, saps your energy? Can you have new eyes to create a new story? One that lifts you, empowers you, and raises your energy vibration AND that is just as true for you as the other story? Listen to the stories you tell and the ways you spin them. Do your stories raise you up or depress you? Play with a story from your own life and see if you can tell it two ways and feel the difference.




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