• Changing The Way We Die

    Posted on June 30, 2014 by in Psychotherapist Rockville MD

    Most of us don’t give much thought to dying or want to talk about it. When illness, injury or aging bring us closer to death, we and our loved ones can benefit from turning to face this perceived monster rather than avoiding it. Like other fears, facing the reality of death brings us closer to acceptance. And acceptance can give us greater choice and more awareness. Today on Voices For Healing Talk Radio, I interviewed Sheila Himmel, co-author with Fran Smith of the excellent book called Changing The Way We Die, Compassionate End Of Life Care And The Hospice Movement. (Link to both book and radio show are below.)

    The co-authors of this book had very different experiences as their fathers passed through the gateway to death at about the same time, one in a hospital receiving typical medical end of life care and the other in hospice care, receiving education, support,  and palliative care. Discussing the differences in their experiences led them to write this book, which details the history of the hospice movement, the changes as hospice has moved from non-profit to for profit, and the ways that hospice serves the dying and their caregivers.

    In our interview, you will learn the players on the hospice care team, stories of real people in hospice care, what the “hospice spurt” is, how to choose the right hospice for you or your loved one, and much more.  You will find a lot of good information packed into this 50 minute radio program. If you are interested in learning more about staying in choice, receiving comfort and care rather than invasive medical procedures, and learning tools to talk with loved ones about preferences around death and dying, this interview and book are for you.

    Here’s the radio show link:


    And here’s a link to Amazon:

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