• Believe That You Can!

    Posted on August 18, 2014 by in Psychotherapist Rockville MD

    Today on Voices For Healing Talk Radio my guest was intuitive and healer Edemir Rossi. Edemir summed up his work for us with these words: Believe that you can. Believe that the universe will help you. Ask for help. Believe you have the power inside you and the power of the universe will wake up your inner power.

    Edemir knew early on that he wanted to help people and as he worked with and learned from a variety of healers including Zen teachers, shamans, psychotherapists and others he was inspired to develop his own unique form of healing work. His techniques includes deep listening, healing past life trauma, and using guides and other non-physical beings to support healing and health in all the people he works with.

    Additionally, Edemir determined that meditation as we often think of it–an emptying of the mind–is nearly impossible for our Western minds and he develops meditation techniques that bring harmony and peace to the meditator by focusing the mind using imagery and awareness. He led us through a 10 minute meditation that was both relaxing and energizing.

    I have worked with Edemir and can recommend him to those who want to open up to the power within themselves and use that power to help themselves and others.


    You can listen to the radio program here:


    You can see Edemir’s books and CD’s on Amazon. Here is a link to one of his books:


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