• Be Nicer To Yourself

    Posted on September 17, 2014 by in Psychotherapist Rockville MD

    “Be Nicer To Yourself”

    Recently this Ram Dass quote showed up in my Twitter feed. It stopped me cold. So simple to say. So deep to do.

    What would being nicer to yourself look like to you?

    Our unkindess can be subtle and invisible to us. We can miss our own self cruelty until we pay attention to how we feel–tight muscles, resentment, driven busyness.

    Now think of a time you were nice to yourself. Feel your own self kindness in your heart, belly, and mind. Expand this feeling throughout your body. Anchor it in your center. Remember how this feels. Ask for more of this sensation, this feeling of self-kindness. Take in the good you are capable of giving yourself.

    And another goodie:
    Listening to the speakers in the Shift It! Telesummit, I feel energized, vitalized, possibilities stream through me. If you haven’t yet listened, I invite you to do so now. Each speaker shares how you can shift your perspective and be nicer to yourself! My 30 minute interview is available Sunday through Tuesday of this week. If you miss it, I will put it on my website later in the month. Here is the link:


    Until next week,
    Embrace vitality, transform your life!

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