• Accessing Your Anchors

    Posted on December 26, 2015 by in Psychotherapist Rockville MD

    I think of how important it is in these times to have our own personal anchors that ground us and give us stability and comfort. What I mean by “anchors” are those habits and practices that support you regardless of what is going on in and around you. These are things you are and/or do that keep your personal vibrational level humming along.

    As I write this paragraph, a squirrel scampers up the trunk of a tree into my sight, chews on a nut for a moment, and then scoots back down the tree followed by another squirrel who likely wants a taste of the nut. Observing this reminds me that one of my anchors is my connection with nature. I love the tree outside my window and I feel a connection with it. I am anchored by the connection.

    Anchors come in all forms and are most successful for us when we love them. Meditation, exercise, dance, song, painting, knitting, gardening, relationships, and so on, can be anchors. When we love what we do, the love combined with some action, in the instance above with the squirrel the action was simply awareness, provides that deep anchoring that carries us through.

    What anchors you? Are you consciously making time for yourself by staying connected to you and what you love? Sometimes that is the best way to keep yourself at your highest possible vibration level. And keeping your own vibration healthy is a benefit to both you and the world!

    Happy New Year!


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