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Counseling helps you maintain mental wellness.

Counseling helps you maintain mental wellness. Just as you walk, swim, or go to the gym to stay in physical shape, counseling is a way to maintain emotional and spiritual fitness!

Through counseling, you can uncover more of your authentic self, come more alive, and live with more vitality. Trained first as a high school teacher and then a professional counselor, Cathy has been helping people learn and grow for over 45 years. Since 1998, she has counseled people of all ages.

Her initial experience included working in such diverse settings as the Gaithersburg (MD)-Upcounty Senior Center, the Montgomery County (MD) Infants and Toddlers Program, an outpatient substance abuse program for people who were court ordered to attend treatment, and a church sponsored counseling center.

Serving individuals and couples

She opened her private practice in July 2004 and has dedicated her work to serving individuals and couples in the greater Washington, DC area. In 2020 she expanded her practice to video and phone sessions to include residents of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. In addition to counseling, Cathy is a popular public speaker, workshop leader, and creator of spiritual and organizational retreats.She was formerly adjunct faculty at the University of MD School of Social Work. After obtaining her Master’s Degree, Cathy trained most extensively in Psychodynamic and Experiential Psychotherapy, End of Life Care, Adoption, and PSYCH-K®.


  • MS, Loyola University Maryland
  • Maryland Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor # 1559
  • Maryland approved LCPC supervisor reference # 607
  • Virginia Licensed Professional Counselor # 0701009281
  • West Virginia Licensed Professional Counselor # 2533
  • Member: American Academy of Psychotherapists

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